Thursday, 9 February 2017

Its Valentine’s Day Every Day, Over Here!

Many years back a couple set our land ablaze with their love story. The kind of stuff that went on to become folklore!

The lady became so synonymous with selfless love, that she went on to attain a god like status amongst her fans. She became a cult leader of sorts. A person so revered, her followers erected temples in her honour.

She is none other than Lady Radha from Barsana (a quaint village near Mathura) and her pastimes with her ‘beau’ Lord Krishna are now a part of global admiration. Ask us Brajwasis what they mean to us and we can tell you that they changed our lives forever. Almost five millennia later, the language most prevalent in our land is still ‘love’. The topic of most discussions here are still them.

Our beloved Radharani and Kanha continue to enchant us on a daily basis with their mystical performances of Raasleela; the after effects of which are to be seen to be believed at Sewa Kunj temple at Vrindavan. Their’s  is the kind of love story that inspires generations. After all what is love, if it dint go on to become a fable?

On this Valentine’s Week, we invite you and your loved one to experience ‘TRUE LOVE’. AT Brajgram, we celebrate this ‘couple of timeless love’ on a daily basis, making the mood in our property one of perpetual love.  Come with your loved one to Brajgram and revel in the pleasures of life in Brajbhoomi, listen to the songs and stories in glory of their love. Indulge in the various games, activities and celebrate togetherness. Combine it with a trip to ‘Sewa Kunj Temple’ at Vrindavan and seek the blessings of the divine couple. 
May your love shine as long and bright as theirs!

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